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Accident/Injury Report (Standard for Students, Staff and Visitors – Liberty Mutual)
Acknowledgement of Alcohol and Illegal Drug Testing Policy
Application for Employment
Building Rental Agreement
Bullying Incident Report Form
Bus Driver Physical Fitness Certificate
Custodial Statement and Agreement: Third-Party Custody
Emergency Information Form
Performing Arts Center (PAC) Needs/Reservation Form

Evaluation Forms:      (ADMIN USE)
1.   Classified Evaluation Form – General Staff
2.   Classified Evaluation Form – Transportation Director
3.   Counselor Summary and Rating Form
4.   Curriculum Director Summative Scoring Form
5.   Nurse Summative Rating Form
6.   Principal Summative Rating Form
7.   School Bus Driver – Performance Standards and Measurements
8.   School Bus Driver – Performance Appraisal
9.   School Bus Driver – Proficiency Form
10. Superintendent Summative Rating Form
11. Teacher Evaluation Extended Observation Sign-Off Sheet
12. Teacher Student Growth & Achievement Form #1 (SGA-1)
13. Teacher Student Growth & Achievement Form #2 (SGA-2)
14. Teacher Summative Rating Form
15. Teacher Remediation Plan
High Ability Screening Form
iPad App Request Form
Medication Administration/Distribution Record
Medication Administration Incident Report
Medication Consent Authorization
Mileage Reimbursement Form
Payroll Tax Forms:
1.   Authorization for Direct Deposit
2.  Eligibility Verification (USIC Form I-9)
3.  Indiana New Hire Information Form
4. Withholding Allowance (Federal Form W4)
5.  Withholding Exemption (Indiana Form WH-4)
6.  Photo Release Form
7.  Professional Compensation for College Credit
Power School Data For SPED Students (“Blue Sheet” – please print on blue paper)
Professional Development Forms:
1.   Professional Development Request 12/22/16
2.   Professional Development Log Sheet
Teacher Leadership Form
Recommendation for Employment (ADMIN USE)
Request and Consent for Testing Information from Previous
Employer(s) for Alcohol and Controlled Substances

Request for Leave
Request for Use of School Bus
Section 504 Forms:
1.   Plan Referral Checklist
2.   Referral Form (Form A)
3.   Parent Meeting Invitation (Form B)
4.   Notice to Parent (Form C)
5.   Authorization to Release/Share Confidential Information (Form D)
6.   Parent Input Form (Form E)
7.   Notice of Parent/Guardian/Student Rights (Form F)
8.   Teacher Input Evaluation (Form G)
9.   Eligibility Form (Form H)
10. Development Plan (Form I)
11. Accommodation Plan (Form J)
12. Evaluation/Manifestation Determination Review (Form K)
13. Complaint Filing Form (Form L)
Transfer Student Application Routing Sheet
Vacancy Posting Request Form (ADMIN USE) (Updated 5/6/16)
Verification of Professional Hours